Mani Sarkar

SpecialityFreelance Software, Data, ML Engineer, Polyglot Developer, Java Champion


Twitter: @theNeomatrix369


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Mani Sarkar is a passionate developer mainly in the Java/JVM space, currently strengthening teams and helping them accelerate when working with small teams and startups, as a freelance software engineer, data, ML engineer.

A Java Champion, JCP Member, OpenJDK contributor, thought leader in the LJC and other developer communities and involved with @adoptopenjdk, @graalvm and other F/OSS projects. Writes code, not just on the Java/JVM platform but in other programming languages as well, hence likes to call himself a polyglot developer. He sees himself working in the areas of core Java, Hotspot, GraalVM, Truffle, VMs, Performance Tuning, Data, and ML.

An advocate of a number of agile and software craftsmanship practices and a regular at many talks, conferences and hands-on-workshops – speaks, participates, organises and helps out at many of them. Expresses his thoughts often via blog posts (on his own blog site, DZone, Medium and other third-party sites), and microblogs (tweets).

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