We, at Dreamix, strive to share IT knowledge and empower the Java community on a daily basis. For the past 5 years we have developed numerous Java newsletters, events and courses in order to contribute to all the fellow Java lovers. From creating the Java Daily and monthly interviews with Java Champions to organizing the biggest “Hack the Crisis” hackaton since the outbreak of Covid-19, our track record guarantees quality.

Now, we have decided to help you skyrocket your programming career with jOnConf – The online Java conference that will bring industry leaders together and present know-how from the biggest experts in the Java field. jOnCon speakers are Java Champions, proven specialists from Forbes 500 companies, CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs. People from all around the world, who will share their valuable experience and Java tips & tricks.

In times of crisis, like now with COVID-19, it is even more challenging to keep your knowledge up to date and to make sure your skillset is competitive. jOnCon gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your programming proficiency.